"At the End if the Tunnel" is now available on several streaming services, including Amazon Prime!
Claire won the "Indie Auteur Award" at the Bare Bones Film Festival!
Claire's feature film "At the End of the Tunnel" is now in post production!
Claire successfully ran an Indiegogo campaign with partner Fernando Noor for the upcoming film "At the End of the Tunnel"!
The mood reel and website for "Sombra" can be seen here.
The feature film Claire produced called "The Grover Complex" is now available to own! Click here.
Claire's horror script "Sombra" is an official selection of the "Summer Slam Festival" and of the "EyeCatcher Film Festival"! 
Claire's horror script "Sombra" WON "Best Horror" at the "Here Be Dragons International Film Festival".  The festival has this to say about the script: "An excellent horror script set in a haunted ward for dementia patients that mixes the supernatural with the mundane concerns of real life with real skill. Unsettling and humane in equal measure."
Claire's feature script "Sombra" has had an exciting few weeks! The film was an official selection at the FilmQuest Festival, Here Be Dragons Film Festival, Indie Gathering Festival, and the Los Angeles Cinematic Festival. 
Claire's feature script "Sombra" has been picked for the "First Scene Screenplay Contest"! Look for a reading in June! 
Claire is now working on a new series for Bravo!
Claire is now story producer on a new show for H2!
Claire has been hired to write a horror script with plans to go into production this fall!  Stay tuned! 
Claire recently worked on season 2 of Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules" and is thrilled to be rejoining the story team on "Hell's Kitchen" next!


Chris Rennirt of Space Jockey Reviews was kind enough to have Claire do an interview on his site.  Read the interview here.​

"The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad" is an official  selection of the Brainwash Film Festival!  Congrats cast and crew!  We'll be screening September 22nd in Oakland , CA!

​"The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad" got another fantastic review from Space Jockey Reviews!  Check out all the kind words said about the cast and crew!  Read it here!
"The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad got another great review from!  ​Read it here!
"The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad" has been invited to screen at MonsterCon 2013!  Congrats cast and crew!  

"The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad" will screen on August 14th at 1:30pm for HollyShorts and at 8pm on the 20th for the Action on Film Festival!  
Claire just filmed the short film "Misty Nights", written by and starring Fernando Noor, with a fantastic team including LongLost Pictures!​

Claire's script "Religious Tolerance" has become an official selection of the Action on Film Festival!

"The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad" has been selected to screen at the Action on Film Festival this August

Claire's film "The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad" will have its Los Angeles premiere this August at the HollyShorts Film Festival!  A MovieMaker Magazine recognized fest!  The film was selected from over 1,000 entries.  Congrats cast and crew!  
Claire is set to write and direct a featurette  this Fall!  The film stars Fernando Noor and Melissa Malan and will be produced with LONGLOST Pictures.

Claire is directing a noir inspired short film this August!

"The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad", which Claire wrote and directed,  has been accepted into the RoundCon Expo film festival and will be screening this August!  Congrats cast and crew!

The film "The Tale of the Heroine and the Cad", produced with LONGLOST Pictures, received an excellent review from Rogue Cinema which you can read here.

Claire did an interview with John Hoff for his filmmaking blog.  You can catch the interview here.

The series "Partners in Pretension", which Claire wrote and directed, has now passed 400,000 views and is now on four online networks including: Koldcast TV, VBCtv, Mingle Media, and Man of the Hour Magazine.

The series "Partners in Pretension" has recently screened at the Hollyweb Festival, BigScreen LittleScreen, and Web Series Playoffs.

Partners in Pretension has received several excellent write-ups which you can read here and here.

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